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Who let the toffs out?’

The cover story for the current New Statesman is about the falling numbers of working class people in public, from the arts to politics, Britain is increasingly dominated by posh people. Stuart Maconie starts his article by describing the musical revolution that came from the poor of these isles, noting how tourists are shocked at … Continue reading

Britain’s Borderlands

Rory Stewart is, as his name suggests, a Scot, but he is one of the most English in his extraordinary life to date. A talented linguist, he has spent a lot of time walking the deserts of the middle east, and for a time was deputy governor of Iraq, and is one of the most … Continue reading

The 1832, or Great, Reform Act

This is a piece of legislation widely hailed as the start of modern democracy in Britain, and it was an incredibly long and hard fought battle to get it onto the statute books. It was in part inspired by the fact that Britain’s population had changed over the centuries since the electoral districts had been … Continue reading

Welcoming Foreigners

Britain’s government is currently trying to think of ways to discourage migrants coming to these shores from Bulgaria and Romania when these countries are admitted to the European Union in a few months.  Allegations are being made that this is making Britain seem to be the nasty country, unwelcome to foreigners, only adding to the … Continue reading