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Aida versus Political Correctness

Last week the papers ran yet another story that makes me fear for the future of this country. A student production of Aida has been cancelled due to charges of “cultural appropriation’, as the leading roles were likely to be played by white actors. The production was not to be the original, by Verdi, but … Continue reading

Nature Got There First

One of the most important developments in the industrial revolution was the ability to produce interlocking gears; by having teeth on wheels of the same circumference, power can be distributed evenly, or by using wheels of different sizes, power and speed can be interchanged, allowing for precision and co-ordination of different processes.  In machines such … Continue reading

Royal Fort House, Bristol

Royal Fort House, Bristol

This fine mansion was built on the site of a major fortification during the English civil war. This mansion was built by James Bridges for Thomas Tyndall, city banker, on a top overlooking the city of Bristol. It is now part of Bristol University but can be viewed from the outside any time. James Bridges … Continue reading