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A Mayoral Problem

This is a snippet from the book The English Town by one of my favourite writers, Mark Girouard, a letter written by the Mayor elect of Bridgewater, Somerset in 1774: “Sir, I am creditably Informed by my friend Mr Cox that you are the author of That there epigram That was hung up against the … Continue reading

Eureka Machine

Here’s an oddity from about 1840, a machine on show in London that produced Latin poetry, as hexameters while it played the national anthem, then Fly not yet when finished & returning to the start. It was made by a man in Bridgewater in Somerset, not know for much even then. But it survives in … Continue reading

Slavery & Abolition Sites – Somerset

Slavery & Abolition Sites – Somerset

Wrington Home of  Hannah More (1745-1833) poet playwright and social campaigner, called ‘the Prelate in petticoats’. Wrington was also the birthplace of John Locke (1632-1704) philospher was born in a small cottage adjoining the north side of the church, his mother’s family home. Frome ‘An Essay on the Abolition of Slavery Throughout the British Dominions Without Injury to the Master … Continue reading