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Brexit – The Devil and the Details

I’ve heard a lot about how hard Brexit will be, and the governments rush into it is worrying. Here’s an article from the i’s Jim Armitage which provides an example of the complexities ahead, and should terrify anyone in these islands. The complexity of untangling 44 years of seamless trade and regulation with Europe is … Continue reading

Lessons from History – Transatlantic Problems

The problems of Brexit and the impending US Presidential elections seem to be tearing the UK and USA apart. As is so often the case, these problems are nothing new – England suffered 2 centuries of discord following the Reformation, when church power collapsed, plunging the country into a time of ignorance, mismanagement and the … Continue reading

No Brexit Negotiators

Yet another story that reminds us how inept our politicians are in planning the exit of the UK from the EU. This is from the i paper: The UK does not have its own trade negotiators because they are all working for the European Union, the sacked minister who was due to lead the Government’;s … Continue reading

Brexit – is it all over?

It’s not just the young and inexperienced who regret voting Brexit. The Sun was prominent in the campaign to leave. Yesterday’s i ran this: Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun and current columnist on the paper, who offered readers “10 reasons why we must vote Brexit” has now said he regrets his decision. … Continue reading

Brexit – They Didn’t Mean It

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s now a petition to re-run the EU  Referendum because a lot of people voted as a protest against the government, never believing it would happen. Claims have been making the rounds for a long time that Johnson is actually a supporter of the EU, but used this as an excuse … Continue reading

British Racism?

There has been a lot of talk of this in relation to the recent EU referendum, with Brexiters being accused of being anti foreigners, little Englanders, etc. Whilst there are of course elements of this mindset here, as everywhere, I have spoken to a lot of people who want limits on immigration but who do … Continue reading