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Turkish Archery in London

This is from Sports and Pastimes of England, with a rare personal anecdote on a sport which had apparently all but died out by then: I remember about 4 or 5 years back [ie since 1800] at a meeting of the society of archers, in their ground near Bedford Square, the Turkish ambassador paid them … Continue reading

Arthur the best Archer

I am posting this under curiosities as it intrigues me. I knew that Henry VIII had an older brother – he married Catherine of Braganza who had been his late brother’s wife, but I don’t think I knew his name. There is much in the following which has elements of the Arthurian legend. Intriguing… Again … Continue reading

Feats in archery

This is some more from Sports and Pastimes of England, published in 1800. If the metrical romances and ballads of the former ages may be depended upon, the strength of our English archers in drawing the bow, and their skill in directing the arrow to its mark were justly objects of admiration… Adam Bell, Clum of … Continue reading

Illegal Cricket

This comes from the Nottingham Evening Post in April 1926. Cricket as a Crime By an act of Edward IV, cricket was prohibited because its popularity threatened to interfere with the practice of archery and any person indulging in it was liable to a fine of £10 – an enormous su i those days – … Continue reading