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Animals, Cinema & Supernatural

Animals, Cinema & Supernatural

This is an intriguing piece from  Why Look at Animals by the brilliant art historian, John Berger. HIs mention of the supernatural seems out of character, but he writes a lot about crossing boundaries in art, which gives him an edge on most of us. We live our daily lives in a constant exchange with the … Continue reading

Unicorn Fraud

This is from Ringing Church Bells to ward of Thunderstorms, a collection from Notes & Queries: David de Pomis warned n 1587 There is very little of he true horn to be found most of that which is sold as being either stag’s horn or elephant’s tusk. The common test, which consists in placing the … Continue reading

Animal Espionage

Back in the Middle Ages, animals were put on trial for causing all sorts of mayhem. It seems the world of espionage is heading back to the past. This is an article from last Friday’s i newspaper, Deep Under cover: Israeli ‘spy dolphin’ is captured: Hamas naval commanders claimed to have intercepted the latest advance … Continue reading

Animal Houses

Animal Houses

Here are some more pics from the Museum of Welsh Life; This is a dovecote. At the end of autumn people would slaughter a lot of their animals, preserving them by drying or smoking. Monasteries often kept doves as a supply of fresh meat, but were unpopular as the birds often ate grain, as it … Continue reading

The First Teddy Bear

This is an urban legend that’s been around for a log time – I heard it had something to do with Teddy Rooseveldt in Cuba, but this is the real story – of Rooseveldt refusing to kill an injured bear, but it segues into how we see animals, and how this differs from the past, … Continue reading

Multi Use Mastiffs

I have just discovered that those huge mastiff dogs were not just for scaring and attacking people. They were kept at tanneries – possibly the smelliest places ever, where the rotting flesh, rancid fat, and tubs of human and animal waste must have been near unbearable, especiallly in summer. The mastiffs were used to eat the … Continue reading


This is one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever sat through, and it really brings a lot of shame to the people who own the entertainments which have performing killer whales at their centre. It is a film about the industry but in particular, the most famous of the performing whales, a male called … Continue reading


The BBC recently did a programme on the lives of domestic cats. They concentrated on the village of Shamley Green because it had a high level of cat ownership, but it also had access to the countryside so the beasts could be investigated in domestic and wild circumstances. The cats were fitted with GPS monitoring,and … Continue reading

Animals of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands, especially the smaller ones, had few animals when Europeans arrived, as few could cross the water. Trinidad had the best range, including sloth , anteater, tiger cat, raccoon, small deer. Other isles their only mammals apart from bats, rodents included the large, tasty hutia, similar to a of rabbit, and 1 frog … Continue reading