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Girl with Cow

I am currently reading a huge book, Customs in Common, in which he discusses the battles not just for enclosure of land, but the battle between the various users, in particular, for grazing of household beasts. Whist there was still space between fields, and parts such as embankments that were too small to be used … Continue reading

An Old Hog

Another snippet from Gilbert White: “The natural term of an hog’s life is little known, and the reason is plain – because it is neither profitable nor convenient to keep that turbulent animal to the full extent of it’s time: however, my neighbour, a man of substance who had no occasion to study every little … Continue reading

Animals of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands, especially the smaller ones, had few animals when Europeans arrived, as few could cross the water. Trinidad had the best range, including sloth , anteater, tiger cat, raccoon, small deer. Other isles their only mammals apart from bats, rodents included the large, tasty hutia, similar to a of rabbit, and 1 frog … Continue reading