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Koko the Gorilla

Last week I watched a documentary on Koko and her 45 year relationship with Dr Penny Patterson formerly of Stamford University. When Dr Patterson was working on her thesis, she planned to train a higher ape to learn sign language, after earlier work had shown that apes did not have the physical characteristics to learn … Continue reading

Strange Science

The BBC has just screened ‘The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, about the language research conducted by psychologist John Lilley. He set up a laboratory pm St Thomas to investigate dolphin communication, partly funded by NASA and linked to CETI, to explore inter species communication. He had a colleague working on communication between dolphins, by … Continue reading

She Loikes Me

Following on from the previous post about cows and cowmen of a century ago, this account is not just a charming one about an old man who is clearly at ease with his animals and, though clearly poor and not well travelled, seems to be a genuinely contented man. But in his behaviour with the … Continue reading