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Rollright Stones & Whispering Knights

This is a ring of Neolithic stones near Long Compton on the border of Oxfordshire. This is from Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds: “Up here on the wold we have entered a fabled land. Close to us on our left is the spell-bound circle of he Rowldrich, to our right the King-stone, … Continue reading

A New Barrow And Strong Shoelaces

I have written several times of how modern day Britons still seem to be hardwired for paganism, and here’s the latest example of it, from an article by Matthew Bell in the Independent on Sunday. Britain is running out  of burial sites, as inner city cemeteries will be full in a decade or so, and … Continue reading

Maumbury Rings

Here’s another piece from Joseph Pennell’s Highways & Byways of Dorset: “Just to the south of the town, [Dorchester] on the Weymouth road, stands Maumbury Rings, a Roman amphitheater which is by far the finest work of its kind in Great Britain. It is an oval earthwork covered by grass, the enclosure of which rises … Continue reading

The Origin of Hell

Dorset is well provided with ancient hill forts, tombs and other archaeology. Here is a description of one of the most spectacular. I love the  fact that it provides  shelter for shepherds: “On the next height on the Portisham side of the monument [to Thomas Hardy, Nelson’s captain] is a cromlech called the Hell Stone. … Continue reading