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A Comic Scold

This case seems to be of a woman with endless energy and anger. Pity she’s not around now, we could try hooking her up to the national grid. This is from 1816: A COMMON SCOLD- Letter from Philadelphia – Catherine Field was indicted and convicted of being a CS. The trial was excessively amusing, from … Continue reading

Not So Keen on Slavery?

Virginia was one of the oldest of the British colonies in North America, and one of the most dependent, hence supportive of the practice of slavery, both for Africans, and in its parallel of white indentured servants. As such, the following small news item is quite extraordinary, being almost a century before slavery was abolished. It … Continue reading

Comedians Do Gettysburg

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is clearly an important document and incident in the history of North America, but to those of us elsewhere in the world, it is little known, let alone understood. Here is  the brilliant comic Louis CK trying to read it, with historical background from Jerry Seinfeld who explains it very succinctly. There … Continue reading

Something Extra

How much can we read from the things people leave behind? when we think of asylums for the insane, we still tend to think of Bedlam, but these show people with rich and interesting lives, all lost. Something Extra.