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Policing Morality

Policing Morality

When Henry VIII closed the monasteries, local parishes had to enforce not just criminal, but also moral codes, which could get a bit messy, and often involved women. Here’s a list of incidents dealt with by the churchwardens of St James’ parish in Bristol in the 17th century: 1627 Item. for a warrant for her … Continue reading

Care for Foundlings

The idea of Baby Boxes in the previous post got me thinking and reaching for my bookshelves, as I have never heard of such things, and it seems they were not in England. In fact, England seemed to deal with orphans generally rather badly – the attempt to establish a Magdalene hospital in Bristol in … Continue reading

Foundling Fabrics

I have just read ‘Threads of Feeling, The London Foundling Hospital’s Textile Tokens, 1740-1770’ which is a strange and fascinating story of one of Britain’s oldest charities, and one which from the outset attracted much celebrity support, in particular that of the painter William Hogarth. The hospital was established by a wealthy ship’s captain to … Continue reading