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A Book Review on National Radio!

A Book Review on National Radio!

I sent a copy of my ’13 Fascinating Walks in Central Bristol’ to Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconi as they will be in Bristol for the 6 music festival in a few weeks. They were delighted by the walks, guide, calling it “Truly a lovely thing” and threatened to do at least one of the … Continue reading

Lessons From Bowie

Lessons From Bowie

Last Monday I turned on 6 music to hear Lauren Laverne discussing Bowie in the past tense and I immediately realised the man had died. From the moment of the announcement, the station’s schedules were cleared to commemorate the man and to invite listeners to share their shock and grief. Later that night, Marc Riley, … Continue reading

Lost in Translation?

On Radciffe &Maconi this afternoon on BBC 6Music they were talking about strange instructions and came up with a real gem – on a Phillips toaster it instructed that it was not to be used in the presence of birds. One of their listeners needs to get out more – he phoned Phillips who confirmed … Continue reading

Offensive Aramaic

Last Sunday, Cerys Matthews on her 6 music broadcast, was talking of a musician whose work she was a big fan of and wanted to play it on the show. But she was told that it contained offensive material, though what this was she did not know. I can understand how the BBC does not … Continue reading

The Dawn of Madchester

The Sex Pistols played a gig in Manchester on 4 June 1976 which has become famous for having future members of almost every famous band in Britain in the audience. In fact it is such a famous gig that it is impossible to know how many people who later found fame were there, as it … Continue reading

The Best Ever Weather Forecast

BBC’s 6music is a great mix of different types of music, but there is a lot of humour in there as well, not always intentional. This morning I heard their weather forecast: “If it’s not raining where you are, it soon will. If it’s raining there, it will keep on raining” And it is. I … Continue reading