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Flirting with the Prosecution?

This seems a case of some legal gents being flumoxed by a pretty face, or was it late in the day and they were desperate for last orders at the local hostelry? This is from 1812: COMMON SCOLD- Hannah Monroe, a decent-looking young woman was indicted for misdemeanour being a Common Scold and disrupter of … Continue reading

Defence Against the Pillory

There are cases where the pillory was so dangerous, when those exposed there were so hated by the crowd they were at risk of being stoned to death. Here are some men who came prepared, From 1804: *This morning John & Michael Hedges, contractors for supplying Woolwich Dockyard, convicted last week of fraud and speculation … Continue reading

Change Partners

I’m old enough to have been a huge fan of Crosby Stills and Nash from the start, and used to listen to Songs for Beginners by Nash to help me through maths cramming but have always favoured Stills, as a far more cerebral musician – he writes pop music structured more like symphonies, and is … Continue reading

Evil Tea

I had read of how people like the Wesleys condemned tea drinking and I thought it was to do with it being imported, or maybe the high cost for the poor, but John Wesley actually claimed it was more dangerous than heroin, which is quite an extraordinary claim, but there were sound reasons for this. … Continue reading

Ship Hats

Ship Hats

There is an exhibition in the Museum of London on the London Pleasure Gardens, and the outfits on display are utterly astounding. Of particular interest was a woman’s hat with a black sailing ship on top, fully rigged. Then I found this picture from a book by John Thomas Smith, called Vagabondiania, which shows lots … Continue reading