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Tenby Market House

Tenby Market House

Tenby is a famous Victorian seaside resort in West Wales, with narrow streets, and great architecture, with a real sandy beach. This is its market house And this is the list of tolls they used to charge.

Rally Against Arts Cuts

This was a very soggy but we’ll attended event in the centre of Cardiff with some very passionate & lucid speakers. The references to the money thrown at arts after the war were particularly apt. That really was poverty. I was fascinated by the carrying of a coffin, a common form of protest in 18th … Continue reading

Royal Claim to Welsh Land

We are living in unsettled times in Britain, and independence for the Celtic regions makes everyone a bit nervous.This article from yesterday’s i shows how bad timing can matter: “It is ore than 6000 years since Pwllheli in North Wales was given its charter by Edward the Black Prince. Btu now the ancient market town … Continue reading

The Great War and Cardiff Parks

The Great War and Cardiff Parks

I went to a talk on this last night, and learnt a lot about how life went on when the war happened. when war was declared, everyone thought it would be over in a short time. I knew that, but I didn’t realise the initial response was an expectation of local unemployment with the loss … Continue reading

Anthony Twanging His Trumpet

This is the title of a rather incredible book by Henry Reed Stiles, ‘An authoritative account of this charming Colonial custom, told with wisdom and wit’. But what is it? It’s about people sleeping together with their clothes on, and is meant to be a custom of very cold places where visitors were offered lodgings … Continue reading

Tudor Forest

I can’t remember the name of this place, somewhere on the way back from Llangollen to Newport. A beautiful forest full of the scent of pine after too long in a hot bus. It had this fantastic Tudor building, protected by a concrete base, now used as a toilet block. This view made me realize … Continue reading

Time Stops in South Wales

This is from yesterday’s i newspaper, another example of the public sector cutbacks, and a sad reminder of how it is affecting our public spaces. “Time has come to a standsill in Swansea, after a clock-keeper retired last week. David Mitchell, 72, the official horologist and only fellow of the British Horological Institute in south … Continue reading

Ignoring Brambles

I bought this honey from a farmer who told me it was made largely from bramble pollen, which surprised me as I’d never heard of it in honey before. But as he explained, BlackBerry flowers are common and around for a long time, so should be the commonest type. Why are they never named?