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Celebrities Changing the World?

Here’s a piece by the brilliant Grace Dent in the i paper on the impact of celebrities opposing Trump. It’s also a lesson for politicians here, of course. When William Morris wrote “Nothing useless can be truly beautiful” he patently had never visualised an anti-Trump public service announcement starring the thinking woman’s crumpet Mark Rufallo … Continue reading

Alcohol Causes Cancer?

Alcohol Causes Cancer?

This was the headline on the cover l last Friday’s i paper and the first I’ve known to be utterly stupid. It cited a new study from Professor Jennie Connor from the University of Otago in New Zealand which claims alcohol caused about 500,000 deaths from cancer just in 2012, ie nearly 6% of deaths … Continue reading

Rhinoceros Survives Poachers

This is from last Friday’s i and shines a light on current conservation efforts in Africa: Staggering around when you’re woozy with sedatives must be particularly testing when you weigh two tonnes, like Hope. She is a five-yea-old rhinoceros in south Africa who has spent a year being treated by vets after going through a … Continue reading

Eric The Robot Rebooted

This is from Wednesday’s i paper, a thoroughly brilliant, bonkers kickstarter campaign. I am against fundraising for museums as they my allow or pave the way for more cutbacks, but if you want it you have to fund it.: In 1928, less than a decade after the term ‘robot’ was coined, a First World War … Continue reading

Good Gym

Here’s an article from Friday’s i newspaper on people getting fit and doing good for the community. It always strikes me as a waste of time and energy going to the gym. Better to do something useful. “A sweat-drenched crew of joggers advances on Hackney’s Wilton Way estate, pickaxes and pitchforks in hand They’ve come … Continue reading

London Open Spaces

The current battle against development on open land is one that has been ongoing in Britain since the first enclosures of common land in the 16th century, though it is the massive increase in these land grabs that are more famous. The need for open spaces took on and urgency when it was realised how … Continue reading