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Music and Insomnia

Last year I posted a blog about the incredible Radio 3 marathon broadcast by Max Richter called Sleep. Here is some of it on his album: In 2014 comedian/writer/musician Matt Berry released Music for Insomniacs, the result in part of his struggle to get enough sleep, investigating if some types of music may help. Now … Continue reading

Northsealand or Doggerland

Northsealand or Doggerland

Most of us are vaguely aware that Britain was once part of mainland Europe, and if you listen to Radio 4’s nightly Shipping Forecast, you have heard of a region called ‘Dogger’ which covers part of it. I have also come across a few accounts of North Sea Fishermen finding the remains of huge old … Continue reading

French Satanism

Here’s an article from JStor on a surprisingly recent outbreak of superstitious belief and accusations in fin de siecle France. It’s interesting on several levels, because it involves men rather than women, because duelling is involved, which had died out almost 2 centuries before in Britain. It sort of links in with mesmerism, with telegraphy, … Continue reading

Yoga in Prison

As British prisons are bursting at the seams, here’s an idea from India on how to reform offenders. This is from yesterday’s i newspaper: “A new policy introduced in a Western Indian prison mean that inmates can cut up to 3 months of their sentences – by doing yoga. Inmates at Yerwada Central jail in … Continue reading

Loneliness Kills

This is from yesterday’s i newspaper: “Loneliness weakens he immune system, according to a study that could help to explain why lonely people are 14% more likely to suffer an early death. Scientists have fount that the white blood cells of people who feel lonely are geared more towards causing inflammation than fighting infections. Researchers … Continue reading

Ex Machina

Decades ago there was a sort of truism: I think that I will never view a French film without Depardieu. Is it now possible to make an American ¬†film that does not include Oscar Isaac? Here he plays Nathan, the inventor of the world’s biggest search engine, who lives in luxurious isolation, and invites a … Continue reading


This is a film about wrestling. That alone is enough to put off most Brits as it is seen more as a pantomime than a serious sport. So it is jarring to see the opening shots of Channing Tatum’s wrestling champ Mark Schultz practicing hurling a huge dummy around in a scruffy gym, then putting … Continue reading

Cricketers and Ghosts

I’ve always thought that sports people are a rather sensible lot, but I guess there’s always an element of luck in what they do, which may leave them open to superstition. But here’s a small article from yesterday’s I that made me wonder what’s going on in cricket: “Pakistan cricketer Haris Sohail was left “visibly … Continue reading