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Change Partners

I’m old enough to have been a huge fan of Crosby Stills and Nash from the start, and used to listen to Songs for Beginners by Nash to help me through maths cramming but have always favoured Stills, as a far more cerebral musician – he writes pop music structured more like symphonies, and is … Continue reading

Punk Music as Metaphor

Some years ago BBC 6 music was at risk of closing due to its small listenership, so a campaign was launched to save it. One night, DJ Gideon Coe played the punk song by Half Man Half Biscuit, Joy Division Oven Gloves, adding that only on 6 music could this oddity be heard. Listeners started … Continue reading

Behind Danny Collins

I just heard this – a true story that the re Al Pacino film is based on – sort of. When 21 year old folk singer Steve Tillotson released his first album,¬†Acoustic Confusion in 1971 he gave an interview to Zig Zag magazine in which they asked him if he thought immense wealth would impact … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Benedetti

The brilliant violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti has been wading into the quagmire known as education in Britain with a claim that children should be forced to listen to classical music. She is passionate about her music and spends a lot of time on musical education, and now claims that instead of playing video games kids … Continue reading

Heaven Adores You

This is a film about the life of the late Elliot Smith, a man whose music I only recently discovered. It starts rather slowly, with perhaps too much time spent on his early life, and yet I am and I was starting wonder if it was worth staying. I’m still unclear as to how or … Continue reading

Interesting Parents

The other day on Radio6 they had a feature on interesting things that happened to listeners’ parents. Here’s two of them A father told of how his car broke down, so had to hitch a ride to the nearest phone box to call for help. He was picked up by Noddy Holder driving with Norman … Continue reading

Johnny Marr on Working in Music

Here’s a few words from Johnny Marr in the current New Statesman: “When I was starting out, it wasn’t “easier” for a working-class person to get into the music industry – how wouold that work? Just as I don’t think it’s any easier for a middle- or upper-class person to get ito the music business … Continue reading

Viv on Class art

Viv Albertine was the guitarist with the punk band The Slits, and still one of the most vocal and opinionated of her generation. This is her take on the loss of working class artists. “The arts are dominated by the middle classes and yes, it does matter. No art is going to change anything when … Continue reading

How Times Have Changed

I heard this song on the radio the other day and love it. ‘Because I’m Young’ by the late Lynne REdgrave from the film ‘Smashing Time’ . A song about getting away with bad behaviour because you’re young. It’s a great song because it really swings in the older sense of the word, but fails … Continue reading

Not Happy, Or Not?

I wish I could find a clip of this live performance I heard last night on the radio. It was called Not Happy by the punk band The Black Sheep, but was a live performance for the Beeb, so you’ll have to make do with some words. It is an odd thing that though I … Continue reading