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A Peerage for Farage?

A Peerage for Farage?

Don’t collapse with laughter or throw something at your screen.This is a controversial but intriguing  suggestion from Mary Dejevsky in the i paper. Having stated her dislike for the honours system and the problems with the house of lords: For the time being, though  we have the system we have, and given that reform is … Continue reading

Healthcare USA in 2009

Healthcare USA in 2009

I just found this feature from the Independent newspaper of 15 August 2009 which ran over 3 pages. The article shocked the newspaper and it shocked me enough to keep the whole piece. In the wake of the recent election it is worth looking at it again. Why do the Republicans hate – or fear … Continue reading

Lessons from History – Transatlantic Problems

The problems of Brexit and the impending US Presidential elections seem to be tearing the UK and USA apart. As is so often the case, these problems are nothing new – England suffered 2 centuries of discord following the Reformation, when church power collapsed, plunging the country into a time of ignorance, mismanagement and the … Continue reading

Celebrities Changing the World?

Here’s a piece by the brilliant Grace Dent in the i paper on the impact of celebrities opposing Trump. It’s also a lesson for politicians here, of course. When William Morris wrote “Nothing useless can be truly beautiful” he patently had never visualised an anti-Trump public service announcement starring the thinking woman’s crumpet Mark Rufallo … Continue reading

Jews and Slave Trading

Jews and Slave Trading

The British Labour party seems to be ripping itself apart on a number of levels, one of which involves the matter of anti-semitic comments. Jackie Walker, vice chair of Momentum, the group that supports its present leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum, made some comments that were deemed offensive, and was suspended for claiming Jewish people financed … Continue reading

Messing with Hogarth

The Royal Society for Public Health has commissioned an update of Hogarth’s famous cartoon ‘Gin Lane’ to publicise the problems of public health. This is from the I paper: Hogarth’s satirical cartoon, published in 1751, blamed excessive consumption of gin for child neglect, disease, prostitution and debauchery. Thomas Moore’s Gin Lane 2016, commissioned by the … Continue reading

Cycling Feminist Socialists

Yet again, I have to admit to not being interested in sport, but this article from Sunday’s Observer concerns, or rather, is triggered by Adam Yates who is close to being crowned best young rider in the Tour de France. He is a member of the Bury Clarion Club, which is a part of a … Continue reading

No Brexit Negotiators

Yet another story that reminds us how inept our politicians are in planning the exit of the UK from the EU. This is from the i paper: The UK does not have its own trade negotiators because they are all working for the European Union, the sacked minister who was due to lead the Government’;s … Continue reading

Brexit – is it all over?

It’s not just the young and inexperienced who regret voting Brexit. The Sun was prominent in the campaign to leave. Yesterday’s i ran this: Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun and current columnist on the paper, who offered readers “10 reasons why we must vote Brexit” has now said he regrets his decision. … Continue reading