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Music and Technology

One of the things that defines us as modern humans is the constant striving to do things bigger, better, faster, and the history of sound recording has been for more precision, from wax cylinders to tapes to vinyl and now digital. But the problem with digital is that it means the music has to fit … Continue reading

Another String to Bing’s Bow

Bing Crosby always came across as a rather laid back old guy who could sing, but he had some pretty amazing sidelines. He and Bob Hope were instrumental in promoting the work of black musicians, in particular, their friend Louis Armstrong; I once heard a recording of Bob Hope heckling a racist comic. Bing was … Continue reading

UK Music’s Big Bang

The other day I was listening to Tom Robinson talking to Martin Carthy on the importance of Lonnie Donegan’s song The Rock Island Line. I knew it had a big impact on bands such as the  Beatles, but  according to Carthy, on British music as a whole. Before this, music on British radio was lots … Continue reading

Thirty Five Years of Madness

Suggs, of the band ‘Madness’, is currrently promoting his autobiography, and I heard him interviewed, when he was asked what he thought his greatest achievement in music had been. He had to think for a bit, and came up with the time the band played ‘Our House’ on the roof of Buckingham Palace the Queen’s … Continue reading

English Folk Music

With the phenomenon of Mumford & Sons, we are in the midst of yet another folk revival, and last night’s episode of Stuart Maconie’s ‘Peoples Songs’ did a great potted history of it. Louis Armstrong was cited with his ‘All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song’. Which is … Continue reading

Some Random Quotes

After John Perscot, Labour MP had water thrown on him by a member of Chumbawumba, he recently  tweeted: “I may celebrate Chumbawumba’s breakup by going out and buying their greatest hit album” ‘Being kettled [trapped by Police in street protests]  has become as much a part of the middle class advanture as a gap year … Continue reading

Sustainable Eels

Eels are creaturs that seem to keep appearing in my research. I was surprised to read of farmers in Devon between the  wars having pet eels in their local streams – I htought they all migrated from the Sargasso sea to the major rivers, but that is only part of the story. Eels are one … Continue reading

Climbing a Cow for Primal Scream

Yesterday I heard an interview with Emily Eavis, daughter of the founders of Glastonbury Festival which happens next weekend on a dairy farm in Somerset. She now plays an increasing role in the running of it, after having her childhood dominated by it. She must have had the most incredible childhood, a life outdoors on … Continue reading

He Must Be Gay, He’s a Hairdresser

I wish I was making this up, but sadly not. Australian jounalism hit a new low last week during a radio interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Perth’s 6PR radio, when she was asked if her long term partner Tim Mathieson was gay. She replied that was absurd, but then came the above reposte. … Continue reading