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Successful Ironworkers’ Families

This is some more from Lady Bell’s At the Works, in which she shows not all families were struggling to survive; the lucky few managed to get promoted,higher wages and living conditions: “Here is a case one cannot pretend is typical, but similar homes are not entirely uncommon. The father is a foreman at the ironworks; … Continue reading

Birmingham Improvements

The Victorians often produced uncontrolled, unplanned towns in their rush towards industrialisation, which it took some time to remedy. In Georgian towns, they often just cleared a way through the slums and built fine new houses, or an indoor market. Where did the poor go? No idea, nor did they care. This is some more … Continue reading

Shanghai On the Thames

Here’s the latest problem to surface in these isles, but is surprisingly not getting any news coverage, despite most of the media being in London, and UKIP being very anti immigration. Across the city huge tower blocks are going up in the face of fierce opposition from planners, architects and local people. Mayor Boris Johnston … Continue reading