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Science and Art

Science and Art

These two are generally seen as worlds apart, but here’s a picture of a foot and mouth virus. Beautiful, isn’t it?  

Not via Weevils

I saw this sign for sale, but I don’t understand what it says. Does it mean the weevils have been removed, so the flour may have weevil poo in it, or did they put something in the flour to keep the weevils away, in which case I wouldn’t want t it either. Hmmm

A Drunken Sailor

In 1735,John Brown was a mate of the Glasgow, found one at to be ‘very drunk…could give no account of the ship’s way from 12 noon till 8 at night, & told captain he could stick his log book up his a***.

Dangerous Show

For much of human history, wherever people gathered, there was always a chance of something dangerous happening, but this seems to have been particularly common for shows, as many people often crowded into a small space, often lit by open flames. One of Cambridgeshire’s greatest tragedies happened at a puppet show. This is from Honor … Continue reading