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Alan Young, actor, RIP 1919-2016

When I was growing up, there was not a lot of children-specific programming, but there were a number of iconic, quirky American tv shows which combined elements of fantasy in real life situations, such as My Mother the Car, My Favourite Martian and Bewitched, The Monkees but my favourite was Mr Ed, which starred Alan … Continue reading

Simple Personality Test

I don’t usually waste my time on such tests, but this one is interesting, and it’s only got 2 questions. this is from Sunday’s Observer magazine: Does living in a crowded area get you down a) a lot b) a bit c) not at all 2. Would you prefer to socialise with friends every day … Continue reading

Old Love

This is a charming piece from the Illustrated Police News, 1892, a reminder that some people did see old bones, and were still active in the past. PASSING NOTES Last week in a little meeting-house just outside Feltham David Macnamara, pensioner, who served in the Inniskilling Dragoons nearly 60 years ago, and who, though in … Continue reading

Burnley’s Singing Ringing Tree

I love this. A site specific piece of art that makes use of nature. Also, I love the sound of the wind. Being out in a gale is my idea of heaven – as long as I don’t get blown away. I also love the sound that the wind can make. There used to be … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Alexei Sayle

The basis for a career in the arts can be incredibly varied, but comedian/author Sayle provides us with one of the strangest. Yet it seems to have worked. This is from his latest book, Thatcher Stole My Trousers: My inclination was to make important life decisions based not on what was sensible or right or … Continue reading

The Importance of Alcohol

This is the introduction from the special edition of Scientific American on Alcohol, which serves so many purposes. In addition to those below, alcohol has been used as a preservative, an antiseptic, and in extreme amounts, some spectacular and tragic deaths. Alcohol has long perplexed our species. Wherever we look in the ancient or modern … Continue reading

A Considerate Old Man?

There are lots of strange stories in my bulging file on wife selling, but this is one that seems to disprove any notions that those involved were ignorant or brutes.This is from The Stockton Mercury, July 1855: The antiquated and disgraceful farce of selling a wife has taken place at Thirsk within past few days. A … Continue reading

Songs In Memory

The past few months have seen a truly horrific rollcall of deaths in the performing arts, and today Umberto Eco joined the list. Last night BBC6music again showed why they are the top digital radio station when Tom Robinson’s show asked listeners to suggest songs to remember those we have lost. The show began with … Continue reading

Lessons From Bowie

Lessons From Bowie

Last Monday I turned on 6 music to hear Lauren Laverne discussing Bowie in the past tense and I immediately realised the man had died. From the moment of the announcement, the station’s schedules were cleared to commemorate the man and to invite listeners to share their shock and grief. Later that night, Marc Riley, … Continue reading

Songs About Children

I spent last night glued to the non stop tributes on 6 music to the late David Bowie, and in the intro to his song ‘Kooks’ they said it was written on the birth of his son, then Zowie, now the filmmaker Duncan Jones. It never occurred to me that was the subject, but the … Continue reading