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Consumed by Their Land

When most of us think of farmers and their land, we tend to think of something rather idyllic, but this comes from before the Dust Bowl descriptions by Steinbeck. Again, this comes from John Williams’ Stoner. It is when the academic William Stoner returns home for the funeral of his mother, only weeks after that … Continue reading

A Man’s Room of his Own

I have just discovered this amazing book – Stoner by John Williams, which has just been reprinted and is getting rave reviews. This is about the main character moving into his first home: “..he began to feel a joy in property and to know a comfort that he had not anticipated. His study was on … Continue reading

Bond, But Not As We Know Him

I recently heard an interview with author William Boyd who is producing a new book on James Bond. In preparation for this, he read all the original Ian Fleming books, and discovered the hero of the franchise began as something rather different to what we are led to believe. Bond was meant to be a … Continue reading

Shakespeare in the Hood

One of the few interesting items to come out of the annual Tory Party conference came from a youth mentor, Lindsay Johns from Peckham in south London who claimed it was condescending to teach Shakespeare to inner city kids in ‘hip’ ways.  He had been asked to speak by the much reviled Education secretary, Michael … Continue reading

The Letter

It’s been a while since I dabbled in fiction. Here’s a short piece to show my short story chops: She sat at her desk. She had to start some time. Sometime was now. But how? Pen and paper, or laptop? Laptop would be better. She could type as fast as her racing thoughts were pouring … Continue reading