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Funding Jan Svankmaer’s Last Film

Svankmaer has been called a genius by Terry Gillam, so that makes him rather special. His animation is like nobody else’s and this film will be based on a play by the Capek brothers, who are also extraordinary talents from the country that has thrown up more than its fair share of strangely talented artists. … Continue reading

Widdecombe Fair

I recently made a wonderful purchase from an antiques store – this fine pottery mug, of indeterminate age, which came from a dealer in Burton on the Water, Gloucestershire. But the fair it refers to is on wildest Dartmoor, about half way between Buckfastleigh and Moretonhampstead, and now found in atlases as Widecombe in the … Continue reading

The Origin of the Mayday Call

Between The Ears: Seelonce, Seelonce :This was a fascinating broadcast on BBC Radio3 by musician Tim van Eyken, dramatist Joseph Wilde and producer Juilan May on the history of the distress call. They began with the origins of distress calls; when the telegraph was invented, they used SOS, the initials of Save Our Souls, but … Continue reading

Antony Sher on Falstaff

Sher is one of our finest and most knowledgeable Shakespearean actors, and was featured in the i’s series on the Bard’s plays. I saw him play Falstaff in the RSC production. He makes some very good points not just on the subject but much wider aspects of characters: Falstaff is an astonishing Lord of Misrule. … Continue reading

Tracey on Dennis Potter

In Tracey Thorne’s book, ‘Naked At the Albert Hall’ she ranges over a lot of examples of music and song, but here she refers to Dennis Potter’s final interview with Melvyn Bragg in 1994, discussing the use of lip-synching in ‘Pennies from Heaven’ an this echoes what I heard Ray Davies say about the death … Continue reading

Women in Scripts

Here’s an article from the i newspaper which should date back several decades but is all too current: “Hollywood’s relationship with women has always been problematic, with regular accusations of sexism and agism. Now a US film producer is revealing just how ingrained the sexist culture is by exposing the lurid descriptions of women he … Continue reading

Shakespeare on the Mersey

Here’s a great new discovery, again from the i newspaper: “Shakespeare may have debuted several of his most famous plays in a small town near Liverpool. Plans are now afoot to re-create a period theatre in Prescot, Merseyside. Over 400 years ago, the Playhouse in Prescot, Knowsley, was the only purpose-built indoor theatre outside of … Continue reading

Gollum and Turkish Law

This is from yesterday’s i newspaper, and would be funny if it wasn’t true: “He is shrivelled, slimy and will stop at nothing to lay his hands on a golden ring. But is Gollum a villain? The fate of a Turkish doctor hangs on the answer to that seemingly trivial question. Having shared a Facebook … Continue reading