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Lions and Sugar

A long time ago I did a post on the label of Tate & Lyle sugar, with a dead lion surrounded by flies, with the words ‘out of the strong came forth sweetness’. It is from the bible, Job I think, as there are few trees in the desert so bees make hives in dead … Continue reading

Ignoring Brambles

I bought this honey from a farmer who told me it was made largely from bramble pollen, which surprised me as I’d never heard of it in honey before. But as he explained, BlackBerry flowers are common and around for a long time, so should be the commonest type. Why are they never named?

Evacuated Kids

Evacuated Kids

Here are some images from an old book on the Womens’ Institute, showing children who were evacuated to the countryside to escape the German bombs in the last war. This is a typical image of them with their meagre possessions heading off to an unknown destination. Sometimes they were not welcome, but the WI did … Continue reading

Cookery Class

Cookery Class

I love this picture. How old are the little girls? Dressed like nurses, I’m sure they were made to scrub up well before being let near the food. Cooking today seems to be more about celebrity chefs and showing off and the lack of cooking in school or home means that too many people lack … Continue reading

A Medieval Board

A Medieval Board

A while back I did a post on a rare piece of history – a structure in a Gloucester park called the board. Nobody seemed to be able to explain what this was beyond it being a place for the king to meet his supporters. Well, this image from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales shows one in … Continue reading

Bad Labelling

I spotted this in my health food shop. Can’t imagine anyone buying this! Is it for horny goats or to make goat weed horny?

Not via Weevils

I saw this sign for sale, but I don’t understand what it says. Does it mean the weevils have been removed, so the flour may have weevil poo in it, or did they put something in the flour to keep the weevils away, in which case I wouldn’t want t it either. Hmmm

Fish and Fairs

The supply and control of the quality of food seems to have taken up most of the authorities time until modern age. Weights and measures were scrupulously checked, and if food or drink was unfit for consumption it was generally destroyed, sometimes burnt, in public, and the vendor fined or put into the pillory for … Continue reading

Sign Needed

This is outside Bristol’s council house, a garden full of decorative vegetables. All fine & eco blah blah, but what’s the point of letting it all go to waste when there are people in need of fresh food? Where’s the sign that days ‘eat me’

Who Needs GM?

Here’s a not of cross breeding courtesy of a gardener at St Fagans folk museum She crossed a melon with a cucumber so calls it a cucumelon Tastes ok This is the plant