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Flash Mob in Spain – Ode to Joy

I love Flash Mobs. They are the best invention of modern times, both for the people involved and for the rest of us to watch afterwards. It is not just great to hear and see great music played in a different way, in an unusual setting, it is a reminder of the richness of our … Continue reading

A History of Everything

Well, not quite, but my book ‘The Big World of Mr Bridges’ Microcosm’ comes close. It is about an 18th century clock. But it is also about England’s rediscovery of information after the Reformation and Civil War. It is about education of the public, in particular of women, when the only people at universities were … Continue reading

BBC Censors Itself

Back when the Gulf War was on, BBC radio had a list of songs that could not be played for fear of causing offence. Off the top of my head, I recall this list including Joan Baez’s ‘The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down’, and the more obviously risky The clash with ‘Rocking the Casbah.’ … Continue reading

Beck Does Bowie

Is this the biggest big band ever? Beck does ‘sound and Vicion with a 157 piece band including alpen horn, yodeling, gamelan, a classical and a gospel choir, classical orchestra and a lot o percussion all conducted by his dad. It could have been a vacuous vanity project, but it is wonderful, and the faces … Continue reading

London’s Pleasure Gardens

This is some more from the Journal of Prussian Pastor Carl Philip Moritz: Vauxhall Gardens Vauxhall is really the name of a small village where the garden of this name is situated. On payment of a shilling for admission anyone may enter. In so far as one can compare the lesser with the greater. I … Continue reading

Watching the Storm

One of the essays I had to do for my masters was a discussion on Steinbeck, but doing my usual poking around, discovered he was almost the exact contemporary of Aaron Copland. I had read an article that criticised Steinbeck for changing his subjects all the time, but that is what I think makes him, … Continue reading

Sing Britain

Sing Britain

Prime Minister Cameron’s recent appearance on David Letterman’s The Late Show raised all sorts of questions, one of them was, why has he never appeared on British tv, and why does this country, once famous for its political interviewers and satirical shows, not have an equivalent of Letterman or The Daily Show? But that is … Continue reading