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David Bowie Does Cobbler Bob

For many years The Adam and Joe Show was a cult hit on channel 4, with lots of childlike but brilliantly funny sketches, and for a while they had a Saturday morning show on BBC 6Music. But Joe Cornish has become a filmmaker, and Adam Buxton has recently done a feature on David Bowie. This … Continue reading

The Problem with TED

When I first discovered TED talks, I had a lot of internet time, I watched a lot of them, but after a while they seemed to be lacking something. Whilst I found the speakers very knowledgeable and engaging, they seemed to be only part of what I wanted. Here’s a talk by Benjamin Bratton who … Continue reading

Science and Ignorance

I love TED talks, and don’t get time online to see enough of them. This is from Stuart Firestein, debunking what science is. He makes some astute points on what science is, and leads into the future of education. This is brilliant, but he is only telling one side – that of the study and … Continue reading



Yesterday the sun was shinoing brightly, lots of people were out walking dogs and children, then rain started like fairy mist. It wasn’t worth getting out my raincoat. Then I saw it – a double rainbow. It ended in the trees on either side of the playing field.  I saw a woman walking towards me … Continue reading

Some Random Quotes

After John Perscot, Labour MP had water thrown on him by a member of Chumbawumba, he recently  tweeted: “I may celebrate Chumbawumba’s breakup by going out and buying their greatest hit album” ‘Being kettled [trapped by Police in street protests]  has become as much a part of the middle class advanture as a gap year … Continue reading

The Oldest Flowers

Like many common social events, details of funerals – apart from those of kings and generals – are often lost in time. But it is generally given that in Britain, ornate funerals with flowers were pretty much invented by the Victorians. So it is with some surprise to find that ancient graves recently unearthed in Israel show … Continue reading

Back to the Future in Brixton

I am a big fan of windmills, but we always assume they belong in the countryside.  so here’a s story about a local community trying to restore a 197 year old windmill for local use, in the metropolis of London. It is claimed such buildings were put out of business by urban development, but we … Continue reading