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David Bowie Does Cobbler Bob

For many years The Adam and Joe Show was a cult hit on channel 4, with lots of childlike but brilliantly funny sketches, and for a while they had a Saturday morning show on BBC 6Music. But Joe Cornish has become a filmmaker, and Adam Buxton has recently done a feature on David Bowie. This … Continue reading

Pop and Psychology

I listened to an interview with Peter Grabrial on his album, So, the first to feature his picture on the front, and was the album that launched his career as an independent singer/songwriter post Genesis.   One of the biggest singles from it is the deeply emotional, Don’t Give Up, which is a duet with his … Continue reading

Words in Water

Christmas is a time of families and friends coming together,  of sharing, but it can also be a time when people remember old grievances and fall out. Here is a story from Simon Garfield’s wonderful book Just My Type, concerning the font known as Doves. There is some irony here as doves are often symbols … Continue reading

A Forgotten Pioneer of Film

This is a plaque on a building in one of the many narrow pedestrian alleyways in Bath, which is intriguing as it only provides the surname of the man. Probably becaue they would need a whole other plaque, as it comemmorates John Arthur Roebuck Rudge, and it’s a safe bet that he was a relative … Continue reading

Grace Kelly on JFK

Here’s a clip of Grace Kelly talking of her memories of JFK, and she makes a couple of very interesting points. One is that when JFK came ot power, her husband Prince Ranier of Monaco said that it seemed apt that a young country [ie compared to Europe] should have a young leader. She also … Continue reading

Macca Was There

The Beatles had a huge impact on popular music, but Paul Macartney as a solo artist and in various collaborations has far outsold his original band. 6 music’s Tom Robinson recently had a show when listeners suggested unusual songs in some way linked to Macca, if not by him. Electric Light Orchestra were namechecked early, … Continue reading

Calder’s Circus

My work on Henry Bridges’ travelling show, The Microcosm led me to an interest in travellng shows, so this is a fascinating piece of art history, the American artist  Alexander Calder who did a model of the Ringling Brothers Barnham & Bailey circus. It was based on real characters, and he performed with it, but his … Continue reading