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Hunt Saboteur Does U-Turn

I have always struggled with the practice of fox hunting; as a vegetarian I respect all animals, but as a historian I value the survival of country traditions, and as a realist I respect the need for farmers to protect their animals from predators. That said, it is odd that fox hunting is only in … Continue reading

Koko the Gorilla

Last week I watched a documentary on Koko and her 45 year relationship with Dr Penny Patterson formerly of Stamford University. When Dr Patterson was working on her thesis, she planned to train a higher ape to learn sign language, after earlier work had shown that apes did not have the physical characteristics to learn … Continue reading

The Cost of Extinction

The poaching of endangered species is driven by the high profits to be made from them, and a recent article in the i gives  list of the value of many wild animals when dead, and the white rhino is top of the list, followed by tigers. These animals are in a “double jeopardy of extinction” … Continue reading

Domestication of Dogs

Dog were the first animals our ancestors domesticated, and whether in Asia or Europe which perhaps suggests why the details are so unclear, but this article from the i paper last Friday clarifies it: New research suggests  that… two sets of dogs emerging independently from separate wolf populations on opposite sides of the Eurasian landmass. … Continue reading

Monkeying about with Medicine

This is from Thursday’s i paper which is producing some very interesting pieces on science: Despite our advances in technology and medicine we seem to be fighting a never-ending battle against diseases and ailments. As viruses become more complex an bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, it seems the lab-made drugs awe have become so dependent … Continue reading

Gorillas and Children

Here’s a great story from yesterday’s i paper: In his book The Best of Friends, John Aspinall tells of an incident at Basle zoo related to him by the director Dr Ernst Lang. ‘One evening, after the zoo was closed, a young girl employed to clean the service e corridor tested the door to Stefi’s … Continue reading

Rhinoceros Survives Poachers

This is from last Friday’s i and shines a light on current conservation efforts in Africa: Staggering around when you’re woozy with sedatives must be particularly testing when you weigh two tonnes, like Hope. She is a five-yea-old rhinoceros in south Africa who has spent a year being treated by vets after going through a … Continue reading

Antibiotic-fed Cows Emit More Methane

This is from the i paper a few days ago, and should surprise nobody who has ever taken antibiotics: Feeding antibiotics to farm animals is having an unintended consequence – fuelling global warming by almost doubling the amount of methane cattle produce. antibiotics are being so widely used in agriculture that cow dung is now … Continue reading