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US Nuclear Bomb System Still on Floppy Disks

This is from last Friday’s i paper. It should strike fear into all of us. Or perhaps it says much about how solid and reliable they are. They may lack volume, but they are a lot harder to hack into or interfere with short of them being physically stolen. If they ain’t broke, don’t fix … Continue reading

A Radical Priest, R.I.P.

A Radical Priest, R.I.P.

With declining church attendance, fewer of us are aware of the differences between the various Christian churches, especially the various branches of the Catholic church. When I was researching the history of South America, I became fascinated by the Jesuits, who founded missions there t protect the native peoples from slavery. Their group was founded … Continue reading

The Parrot Who Knew Too Much

Her’s another piece from JSTOR, about a parrot that may have witnessed a crime and could mimic the sounds it heard, which rises all sorts of questions as to whether animals, especially those with good mimicking skills, can be used as witnesses or as evidence in criminal trials. Talking birds can be highly intelligent, and … Continue reading

A Trouser Emergency!

This is from yesterday’s i paper: A 2 year old girl in South Carolina called emergency services after struggling to get dressed. A police deputy was in the vicinity and met the girl at the front door of her home, helping her to put on her trousers before giving the girl a hug. Her parents, … Continue reading

KKK Clearing Road Litter

Another news item from the furtherest reaches of credibility, from last Friday’s i paper, It’s fascinating as it shows how complex the notion of freedom has become in the land of he free. How far does the rights of a group extend when they are in conflict with those of the state, or of those … Continue reading

Slave Reparation

I’ve done quite a bit of research into the minefield that is the slavery and abolition issue. It is generally assumed that slaves and ex-slaves never received compensation from their owners or their heirs. Here’a an article of a surprisingly early victory for a former slave, though she didn’t live long to benefit from it: … Continue reading

A Comic Scold

This case seems to be of a woman with endless energy and anger. Pity she’s not around now, we could try hooking her up to the national grid. This is from 1816: A COMMON SCOLD- Letter from Philadelphia – Catherine Field was indicted and convicted of being a CS. The trial was excessively amusing, from … Continue reading

An Uncontrollable Woman

This is from the Derry Journal of March 1878 but refers to events across the pond. Probably printed to show the superiority of the Old Country: “A man hanged while Drunk An ugly scandal comes from Kansas City, Misouri, where a man named John Ables was hanged while drunk. the usual departure of the murderer … Continue reading

Not So Keen on Slavery?

Virginia was one of the oldest of the British colonies in North America, and one of the most dependent, hence supportive of the practice of slavery, both for Africans, and in its parallel of white indentured servants. As such, the following small news item is quite extraordinary, being almost a century before slavery was abolished. It … Continue reading

Brutal Justice

This is an ad  from the Virginia Gazette of 1768: “Indian Creek, Northumberland County, Ran away from the subscriber, a Negro man named MANN, about 5 feet 6 inches high; he has a slit in one of his ears, gives very sensible answers, and is about 50 years old. He is outlawed from his threatening … Continue reading