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Silas Told on Edward Colson

Edward Colston (here without the ‘t’) is one of the great figures in Bristol history, a hugely generous benefactor to the city, founding one of its earliest charity schools, and giving vast sums of money to the poor both of his home city and of London. He never married, spending his final years at Mortlake, … Continue reading

Methodism in Antigua

This is from Captain – brother of the poet Robert- Southey’s Chronological History of the West Indies. IN 1760 Mr Nathanial Gilbert, a Methodist, and speaker of the house of assembly in Antigua, collected a few persons in his own house for exhortation and prayer, and afterwards publicly preached the gospel to the slaves. “Amidst … Continue reading

The End of a Pirate

I found this small article on one of my flashdrives.I have no idea where it’s from – possibly one of the London  papers probably a few weeks after the event. It is odd as it makes no mention of anyone else involved on board the ship, but he cannot have acted alone. This must have … Continue reading

Spavens on Barbadoes

This is another piece of William Spavens narrative, published in 1792. This is interesting for the parts he gets right, and others have clearly done the rounds of the sailors’ yarn spinnings. “it is not to be exceeded either for beauty or fruitfulness, yielding rich canes which prduce great quantities of sugar, rum, and molases; … Continue reading

Slavery & Abolition Sites – Gloucestershire

Gloucester Cathedral Monument to William Warburton (1698-1779) Bishop of Gloucester, buried there. Warburton was one of the best known and controversial figures of the 18th century, his ‘Divine Legation of Moses’, a defence of Pope, was widely read.  He was an enemy to Methodism, a friend and literary executor to Pope, whose work he defended, … Continue reading

Tortuga in the late 17th Century

The following is an account of life in the Caribbean: In this country  the planters have but very few slaves, for want of which they themselves, and some servants they have, are constrained to do al the drudgery. These servants commonly oblige and bin themselves to their masters for the space of three years. But … Continue reading

Punishment for Suicide

I always thought putting as take through someone’s heart ws from the realms of fiction, but I have found a few incidents when it happened, and in fairly modern times. I found this item saved on my old computer, no idea where I found it, but worth sharing: “The Admiralty Court met for the trial … Continue reading

Maroon Taxation

Duke Vin was a pioneer of sound systems in the UK, and seems to have played an important role in Jamaican culture, with fans including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones which is not something I would normally be interested in, but it seems he was a very clever guy. But his obituary by Chris … Continue reading