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Three Icons, One Song

I have long loved Bob Marley’s wonderful ‘redemption song’, but Ihave just discovered this version, by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer, formerly of The Clash.  This version draws together dreams of freedom from African slaves, poor whites in America’s Deep south, and a punk take on the English urban poor. A brilliant reminder that suffering … Continue reading

Slavery & Abolition Sites – Gloucestershire

Gloucester Cathedral Monument to William Warburton (1698-1779) Bishop of Gloucester, buried there. Warburton was one of the best known and controversial figures of the 18th century, his ‘Divine Legation of Moses’, a defence of Pope, was widely read.  He was an enemy to Methodism, a friend and literary executor to Pope, whose work he defended, … Continue reading

‘White Without and Foul Within’

The Howard League for Penal Reform is an organisation that continues to campaign in the UK, over 200 years after it was founded by its heroic founder, and it is the nations disgrace that they are still needed. It is also worth reading this in the context of the African Slave trade, which is often … Continue reading

The Ending of the Slave Trade

Bristol has a lot of myths, one of them is that fortunes were still being made from the trade in human flesh right up to the end of the trade, in the Act of Parliament largely promoted by William Wilberforce, a northern banker and an unlikely champion of Africans. “The short-lived Whig Ministry of 1806 … Continue reading

Plugging My Books

This is a blatant attempt to tweak a few book sales, as they are just sitting around at home getting on each others’ nerves. I have written 17 books, with another one that needs working on. Theyare mostly local history, but I never do just local – whatever Iwrite about, I always try to place it within a wider … Continue reading

What’s The Collective Noun For Bankers?

This is one of my favourite jokes, in part because it is so subtle. The answer is ‘a wunch’. Bankers have been getting some really bad press lately – and far enough toobut there is a false impression that their greedy unscrupulous behaviour is something new. Of course it is not. Here is another quote … Continue reading