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Cameron and The Smiths

Some time ago,  former members of The Smiths, Morrissey and Johnny Marr “banned” the Prime Minister David Cameron from liking the band. Marr said: “Stop saying that you like the Smiths. No you don’t. I forbid you to like it.” I can understand their anger at the Prime Minister,but we live in a free country, … Continue reading

Eric The Robot Rebooted

This is from Wednesday’s i paper, a thoroughly brilliant, bonkers kickstarter campaign. I am against fundraising for museums as they my allow or pave the way for more cutbacks, but if you want it you have to fund it.: In 1928, less than a decade after the term ‘robot’ was coined, a First World War … Continue reading

Soy Sauce Invented

Soy Sauce Invented

This is a subject few of us ever think about, as this condiment has become so ubiquitous. As a stir fry addict, I cannot imagine life without the stuff. This is from Samuel Muston, food reviewer in yesterday’s i newspaper: The imperial government long held a monopoly over salt sales; supply was kept short and … Continue reading

Skating Solo

Skating Solo

Yet another of my market photo purchases. I think this might be in England due to the house in the background but the young woman looks like she may be wearing some sort of uniform. The men’s clothes look like they’re fro the 1930s. She looks nervous, uncomfortable perhaps at being singled out for a … Continue reading

A Pungent Regret In Life’s Salad

This is another excerpt from Unposted Letters by John O’London: The Half Talent “Thomas Gainsborough’s art was painting; but he was consumed with a desire to be a musician. He was once found in his room in Pall Mall by Sebastian Bach, distending his cheeks in a tremendous efort to get music out of a … Continue reading


This is some more from the wonderful 1913 book, The Servantless Household. Some are funny or quaint, some still work. Don’t allow your hands to be stained, but if dirty, rub them with a piece of raw potato or slice of lemon Don’t allow hands that have touched the horse, the motor, or the boy’s … Continue reading