This is by Niles Attalah and is an utterly bizarre film  – even by my standards – the true-ish story of a French explorer who became king of the Mapuche tribes  in chile, but was charged with treason by chile’s authorities for inciting rebellion. Its mostly in Spanish so you can really get lost in it.

The wonderfully named Orelie-Antoine de Tounes was one of several Europeans who seemed to have sought some sort of paradise cum personal epiphany in the New World, but who instead found the opposite. His story has echoes of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Patrick White’s Vos. Yes these are fiction, which is apt as his story is too strange to be true, yet it was.

The film itself looks like retrieved footage, with lots of scratchings and colour changes, dreamlike sequences and peaceful forests, spectacular vistas. When de Tounes is arrested everyone wears masks, so it becomes a puppet show, and yet this somehow adds to the drama. There are hallucinatory scenes, creatures with giant heads paying homage to the man who believed he had come to save the local people yet was unable to save himself.  People pay a lot of money for drugs that are not as good as the wierdness of this film.


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