Curiosities at Gloucester Folk Museum

Sometimes I find references to items which I really need to see to understand. Fortunately some museums have handling exhibitions which help. This was a Tudor exhibit at the recent doors open day.

This is a trencher, a precursor of plates. It’s only a few inches across as they did not have all the food on a plate a the same time

glos folk mus tencher shr

This is a bone book, another mystery to me. I’d imagined it was a series of pages, but it has tex on 2 sides, a primer for basic reading skills. Here showing the alphabet and Lord’s Prayer

glos folk bone bk shr

This reminded me of a hook for rugmaking, but it is a tool for carpenters to mark their work to ensure they were paid.

glos folk carp marker shr

This is different. From the children’s toy section. I wish I’d had a pram like this when I was little. This is lovely. Don’t think those wheels can turn corners though.

glos folk mus pram

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