Tapestry Here & Now Holburne Museum

Apologies for posting this so late – I think it ends today, but it was a fine mix of styles, a reminder there are still original things you can do with a few threads. I’m afraid I can’t read my scrawled notes for some of them.

hol tap bird shr

hol tap cartoon hat shr

hol tap cartoon shr

This seemed to be my favourite, a Japanese artist on tour in Latvia. So much detail – cats and some Reservoir Dogs

hol tap crowd rt shr

hol tap ccrowd pt shr

hol tap crowd left shrThis one I do remember: ‘Golden Shower’ by Aino Kajaniemi from Finland. Bit of a cultural problem with the title.

hol tap gold shower shr

This is rather wonderful too. think it’s Roland Krutovs from Latvia, ‘Propera and Me’

hol tap highwire shr

hol tap land shr

This is Valerie Kirk from Australia, ‘Floating Fossil’

hol tap lichen shr

This is great, too. Magical!

hol tap magic full shr

This hangs free, instead of being mounted on a board so it has a 3 d quality to it in addition to the design per se.

hol tap magic side shr

This is a close up to show the many different types of stitching applique etc.

hol tap orange pt

hol tap red shr

This shows the past and future. Great to see sci fi in an old art form

holtap future shr

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