Pheasants for Food Banks

This is from the i paper

Sir Ian Botham is hoping to hit food poverty for a 6 by donating pheasants and partridges from his shooting estates to those most in need. The former England cricket captain will team up with wealthy land-owners and shooting enthusiasts to provide 500,000 free meals each year by donating 10,000 game birds.

Sir Ian expects the anti-hunting lobby to be critical of the scheme, but the businessman, known as “Beefy” in his cricketing days,…said “I fail to understand how there is an argument against it … If everyone out there is a vegetarian or vegan, well fine,but they are not. So smell the coffee, try it. We are offering something that has had a wild life, a good life.”

The birds will be donated to the Country Food Trust between October and February, with £40,0000 to turn them into ready-to-cook meals. The meals will then be distributed by the Country Food Trust through charities such as Veterans Aid, Fare-Share and the Salvation Army.

This sounds great, but the maths seems odd. It seems to claim that each bird will feed 50 people, which is way too high. Not even a turkey would stretch that far. Ifthese birds are surplus, what would they have been used for? This suggests far more birds are raised than are normally eaten, suggesting the game shooters are incredibly wasteful. There are a lot of complaints about how these estates are managed, destroying natural habitats to provide cover for the birds. But it sounds like an interesting scheme.

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