Stockholm My Love

This is a film by critic Mark Cousins described as a love story about Neneh Cherry’s home city. I am not a fan of Cousins: his ponderous narration of his film on his film on children’s cinema was painful. This film comes free with subscriptions to BFI player, but most people have better uses of their time. It features Cherry wandering slowly round Stockholm, pausing for long periods while her she talks in voiceover to her late father, the jazz musician Don Cherry about how unhappy she is, that she is meant to be giving an architecture lecture but she’s too unhappy.

It’s all in moody black and white. I kept wishing it was in French. They do this gloom so well. Neneh shows us a few interesting buildings, she floats like the undead up and down the stairs of a cinema and of course she goes to a graveyard. Eventually we discover why she’s unhappy – she accidentally ran down and killed an old man. So at least we know.

Eventually the mawkishness ends, she emerges into a full colour street and goes on the big dipper at Tivoli Gardens.

Definitely not for anyone having a bad day.

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