Frances Ha

Despite great reviews, I put off watching this film as I couldn’t figure out what it was. Filmed in New York in black and white, it seemed a quirky tale of trendy young things. So a bit ho-hum, and yet… I think it’s the first film I’ve ever watched that I immediately wanted to see again.

Starring and in part written by Greta Gerwig, Frances is an apprentice dancer. I had no idea such a job existed, but there’s a touch of Mary Tyler Moore as she bounces round the city streets. There’s a great shot of her running, leaping, skipping, like a puppy let off her leash. She says incredibly dumb things, and we have no idea why. she seems to be running so hard she has no time to figure out where she’s going. We can all relate to that. She struggles to find accommodation and work, while her friends move on, her life is like the modern dance she loves, lots of drama and movement. She is funny, good natured and utterly lost. We can all relate to that, and her sense of joy, her love of life never seems to falter.

She does and says a lot of stupid things. She often makes no sense, and yet she remains engaging. There is a fluidity in her relationships that made me stop and think what this meant, and why we have boundaries between different friends.

Brilliantly written and acted, this is wonderful filmmaking. Love it.

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