Growing Spinach

For Brits in fear of greens shortage

How to Provide

Spinach is one of the tastiest vegetables to plant in a garden.  It is easy to grow, super cold hardy, chocked full of vitamins and minerals, crisp and sweet, easy to harvest and great in almost any recipe.  This is definitely one of my go-to veggies.  There are three types of spinach: Savoyed, Semi-Savoyed and Smooth.  These types describe the structure and texture of the leaves.  Savoyed leaves are crinkled and wrinkly, smooth spinach varieties obviously have smooth leaves and semi-savoyed is somewhere in between.  Savoyed varieties are the best to grow when temperatures are cold while the smooth varieties prefer warmer temperatures and my even tolerate summer!

From September – March; directly sow seeds in succession (enough for one week’s harvest plus a little more as a contingency) and repeat weekly. Sow Spinach seeds in soil that is between 55-65oF at 1/4” depth. During the cool…

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