Glass Art

Glass is one of those materials we tend to take for granted, as it is used in windows and drinking glasses, and I’ve long had a glass scrubbing board. Glass was used in religious houses to encourage people to look up, to think of higher things, but windows could create magical effects when the light was right, so is art that constantly changed with time and weather.

This post is about some of the most glorious art I’ve ever seen. It’s by Peter Layton who founded London Glassblowing 40 years ago. They change as the light alters and you walk around them.

When I featured glass from the exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral I didn’t get the names of the makers, but he produced 2 of the best pieces there.  Enjoy!

These are lumps of concrete with glass straws applied. Brilliant!

These are a few forms that he is developing from the rainbow series he showed, of dewdrop shaped coloured pieces you could walk around and watch the reflections changing.


These are the pieces, but showing details I could not get close enough to notice in the poor light there. Fantastic.

But I think my favourite is this. It reminds me of a couple of very dignified penguins, but also the colours are like some exotic flower. Love it.


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