Posted in January 2017

The 1800s Pain-Relief Plant That Doctors Used

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Written by: Tammy Robinson Every time we are afflicted with a headache, hangnail or even the common cold, most of us simply pop down to the local drugstore and pick up an over-the-counter remedy. But chemical-induced drugs aren’t always best for us, and we also should consider: What if…

Health Advice for Young Gents – 1836

Health Advice for Young Gents – 1836

This is from the i paper of 30 December As the season of overindulgence takes its toll, it is perhaps heartening to know that pre-Victorians faced a similar dilemma over gym regimes and fad diets. Researchers at Cambridge University have unearthed an 1834 manual called British Manly Exercises, which aimed to help the middle and … Continue reading

Storm in a Paintpot?

This is from the i paper of 29 December: The battle between artists Sir Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple has stepped up a gear after Kapoor announced he had got his hands on a pink paint devised by his rival. Kapoor, 62, has been banned by Semple, who asked buyers to make a legl declaration … Continue reading

Keith the Snake’s Road Trip

This is from the i from way back in November: A pet snake that went missing 5 months ago has been reunited with his schoolboy owner in Sheffield after slithering out of a couple’s new car. Keith, a 5ft corn snake, escaped from his travel box in June, leaving 8 year old owner Jack Wellington … Continue reading

The Man Who Stood on the Shoulders of Giants

The Man Who Stood on the Shoulders of Giants

Roger Bacon (born 1214) is generally considered to be the father of modern science. He wrote f the values of book and experience. This is from Jean Gimpel’s  The Medieval Machine.  There are two modes of acquiring knowledge – namely by reasoning and experience. Reasoning draws a conclusion and makes us grant the conclusion but does … Continue reading

The Importance of Context

I’m starting the new year with one of my favourite songs, ‘There She Goes, by the LA’s. I love it. A perfect pop song about a young woman.  But someone told me it’s really about cocaine. Listen to it again. It works.  Or it could be about a young woman having the effect of cocaine … Continue reading