Keith the Snake’s Road Trip

This is from the i from way back in November:

A pet snake that went missing 5 months ago has been reunited with his schoolboy owner in Sheffield after slithering out of a couple’s new car.

Keith, a 5ft corn snake, escaped from his travel box in June, leaving 8 year old owner Jack Wellington devastated. The reptile hid inside the family’s Nissan Navara and they tried everything to lure him out, with Jack’s mother, Fiona even sleeping in the car to try to coax him out with her body warmth.

When he failed to appear the family thought he had been lost forever, and Ms Wellington decided to sell the car. But Keith dramatically reappeared 5 months later – as unwitting new owners Claire Brealey and partner Gavin reed drove it down the M5. They had just bought the car from a Sheffield dealer when they saw the snake wrapped round the legs of their dog for warmth.

They pulled on to the hard shoulder and called police – but the snake disappeared again before they had a chance to catch it. The pair drove home to Bristol where the snake was finally coaxed out 5 days later.

Ms Wellington saw the story and realised the snake was Keith.

What intrigues me so much about this story – as with a few farm animal stories I’ve posted like the snake that fed on a cow’s milk- is how the dog tolerated the snake. Did the dog not know what it was or did it like the company? T

But the story also suggests Keith was hibernating and its owners should have left him in his tank.

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