Trowbridge Town Hall Arts Centre

One of the major consequences of modern technology has been the problems adapting old buildings to accommodate the extra wiring, and changes of use in office space etc. In the former wool town of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, they have converted the wonderful Victorian former town hall to a community art space and I was granted a tour of the cells in the basement, as a large part of the building was used for magistrates court business. Here’s the former courtroom:



The wonderful stained glass in the main staircase. Dotted throughout the building are upcycled arm chairs with crochet and other new details


A wonderful wooden beamed roof


stairwell leading to caretaker’s flat


And down to the basement: now storage for architectural bits but proposed use for artists’ studios


modern interview room for prisoners with solicitors


and the cells


Artists materials were not supplied to prisoners so I don’t want to know what this was written with.


The still working boiler


More architectural storage


And some nice summer hats.



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