Killer Whales Kill Rare Whales

This is from the i paper, showing Orcas deserve their reputation as killers and the threats to endangered species are not entirely from humans:

For the first time, killer whales have been spotted killing and eating a rare species of whale.

A team of researchers led by Rebecca Wellard, of Curtin University, has been joining whale-watching expeditions off the coast of southern Australia in order to observe he behaviour of the dolphin species, also known as orcas.

The scientists spotted groups of killer whales surrounding and attacking beaked whales on 4 occasions. In some cases, the orcas stripped off the beaked whales’ skin, implying that these were predatory killings.

Killer whales are one of the most widely distributed mammals around the world, and their prey varies according to location. Their prey includes sea birds, squid, seals, sea turtles and sharks.

Little is known about the beaked whales because of their low numbers and deep-sea habitats. The longest a beaked whale has ever lived in captivity was 25 days, making them very hard to study.

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