Nobody is Safe Without NHS

Our much loved free healthcare is under threat but if it fails it won’t be just the poor who suffer.

NHS provides mass immunisation so diseases that killed people on the past have been wiped out. Smallpox is an obvious example that killed vast numbers, rich and poor. Without jabs it could rdgutm with a vengeance.

NHS also helps controlling new outbreaks worldwide e.g. Ebola. If cases arrive here it is NHS that treats victims & prevents spread.

Austerity means we have a growing pool of badly housed illnourished poor. An outbreak could explode among them, even a minor illness could mutate into something truly terrifying without adequate care.

Having private healthcare would have been little help when plague arrived here. Plague still exists along with a lot of diseases from the past and who knows what may be to come. 

Scary isn’t it?

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