The London Disease Comes to Cardiff

Last weekend saw the end of the Brickstock Festival at a former brickworks in Central Cardiff. It had a huge number of events, with music by James Dean Bradfield and many others but I only made it to the last, a series of site-specific performances in a Victorian house. There was an old couple reminiscing  in the front room, a woman’s voice eerily intoning beyond a wall of plastic sheets, a woman climbing round the walls with another enacting a ritual with sand.

Two men in suits  made me and several others laugh out loud, repeatedly building and demolishing planks then curling up to rest in the mess they made, a satire on the constant turnover of buildings.

This event was sponsored by the new owners, who propose to save the Victorian house while demolishing the rest of the site. As you can see, it’s a wonderful mix of low rise buildings that have been used as artists spaces and there was also a yoga room. It could be converted into a lovely small community with the garden in the centre, but of course that won’t happen. New builds ueber alles!




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