Glass House


There are lots of artists and craftspeople out there trying to sell their wares at fairs and markets, especially in the run-up to Christmas.  I get a bit jaded with all the seasonal stuff. But sometimes I stumble upon something genuinely original.

Take a look at this piece of glasswork. It’s beautifully designed, and in several layers – the base is the background, then the house then the two planks are on top of that. Clever stuff. I love the layering, so it is part sculpture, part painting. The glass is supported with copper with copper wires to hang it from, so is a very Welsh metal. She had a lot of glass stars and unusual Christmas-themed art. I forgot to get her name.

But I also loved talking to the artist – never got her name. The image is of an old house she lived in for 20 years, where her husband’s family had lived and I think she said her son is now there. The walls are about 3 feet thick, and the roof had been repaired with slate and bitumen,but they had got funding to restore the wonderful thatch. We talked about living and maintaining old buildings. She said I could visit the house – it’s just by a bus stop, and she didn’t own a car so I am tempted to do so. she said the locals were very friendly. Sounds like a fine day out.

It’s a fascinating piece, I just don’t know how she could bear to part with it.

2 thoughts on “Glass House

  1. Barb, I have been stepping away, the past few months, from blogging (I have lots of changes coming up in my life which are demanding a lot of attention) and may need to scale back even more. but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your posts. Keep up the good and interesting work. As you can imagine this past week in America we have been dealt a blow. We need good and interesting work more than ever, I have always been an appreciator of yours. your friend, jessica


  2. Thanks. Good to hear from you. Am going through a lot too. Hopefully will be sorted in new year. Have been writing a lot and hoping will get it out there at last. Your support for my scribblings has been more important than words can say. All the best with all your stuff and hope predictions of the worlds imminent demise prove to be the dawn of a world we can all believe in


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