Dinosaur Brain Found

This is from last Thursday’s i paper. It’s incredible. 

A “Brown pebble” spotted by a fossil hunter in Sussex has been confirmed at the first known example of petrified dinosaur brain. The specimen is thought to have come from a large plant eater such as iguanodon, which lived about 133 million years go. Scientists believe the dead dinosaur’s head was buried in mud at the bottom of a swamp, allowing the brain to be preserved.  In time the soft tissues became mineralised. Bu the fossil retained distinctive features such as the meninges (a protective membrane surrounding the brain) blood vessels, collagen and structures thought to represent the outer layer of nerve cells, or cortex.

A detailed study of the “pebble” has revealed similarities with the brains of present-day birds and crocodiles, both close relatives of dinosaurs. It is highlighted in a Special Publication of the Geological Society of London


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