How English Became English by Simon Horobin

Looks like an interesting read. Possibly a book to shout at if you have strong opinions about our mother tongue

Vulpes Libris


A Short History of a Global Language.

(TRIGGER WARNING: Some of what follows could cause high blood pressure, nose bleeds and red haze in sensitive individuals.)

Some people get terribly heated about the English language – its use and abuse, falling standards, the wreckage of the language of the Bible and Shakespeare upon the altar of txtspk and the general moral collapse of society being brought about by split infinitives and glottal stops.

Others, not so much. (Deliberate sentence fragment: specifically intended to upset those of a grammatically nervous disposition.)

If you attempt to identify when, exactly, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells believes the English language was set in aspic, never to change again, you’ll usually discover it was when they left school. ‘The English I learned at school is the only proper English.’ End of discussion.

Not true of course, and in this wonderfully concise and entertaining little book –…

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